Saturday, May 10, 2008

Channeling Dr. Smith…

"Ohhh, the pain…"

Well, the wood’s almost done, about ¾, I’d say. The pile is just less than 3 cord by my calculations, (which is actually looking at it and thinking, "’bout 3 cord"). My arms are letting me know how much work this is.

I usually get this whole bit done in April, but a two-week battle with the Army of Gout has delayed the start of the effort.

Here’s a pic of the pile thus far:

Here are the tools used to make the stuff fit in the stoves:

6# maul for most splitting
8# maul for the full size rounds
4# hand sledge for "helping" the mauls when necessary
1.5# Snow & Nealley hatchet (for making the shreddy stuff let go)
And for when things get tough-
10# 36" sledge &
(2) 5# steel wedges

Some of the real gnarly "arm (branch) wood" needs the application of the sledge & wedge, but most all else is accomplished with the mauls.

It’s hard work, but enjoyable in its own way. 'Frinstance, it gives one time to think, it does. Things like, "why the hell am I splitting wood by hand?"

Make that TWO ways- have you seen the price of oil lately?


Anonymous said...

I hear you. I had my 12# Olympia Tools, Sledge hammer out this weekend breaking up some side walks. Man my left shoulder, Tri and upper back is tired.

So let me tell you, DT don't get old!


doubletrouble said...

Uh, I don't know how to break this to ya lad, but I'm working up a good head of steam towards that OLD thing...