Monday, May 11, 2009

Pining for the Fiords

Well, no, actually it has gone to meet its maker.

This is an ex-pileated woodpecker, found in the woods today. It didn’t look damaged, & is a bit smaller than they usually get, so I don’t know what has done it in. Reference book indicates this was probably a female, so presumably a tad smaller than the male.

I hear them all the time around here; Woody Woodpecker was a pileated, & his crazy cackle of cartoon fame is much like the noises they make in the wild. That, & the incessant hammering on trees with that impressive beak.

First stationary one I’ve ever seen though…


Anonymous said...

That's a shame. I have them in my backyard.
Lots of good photos to prove it.
Hard to miss the slow bang-bang-bang on a tree.
Right now, I have two flying squirrels in the back of my shirt, and they're raising the dickens.
I'm fixin' to kick their little butts in a second.


Borepatch said...

Beautiful plumage, though.


wolfwalker said...

"Slightly smaller than usual" size might indicate a recently-fledged youngling, who sadly lost his turn in the Great Game almost before it began.