Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breaking News...

At approximately 8 PM, (7 CDT), I will be having a beer.

Reports indicate that it will be a Pemi Pale Ale, from Woodstock Inn Brewery.

The drinking of the beer will take place in the
garden room of the east wing (that's the east side porch near the veggie garden).



What, no one cares?



loneviking said...

Oh we care, it's just that we don't believe the meeting or the beer is going to change anything. I know when Obama is lying as his lips are moving!

And a lot of us are afraid of guys like you with badges, jackboots and military equipment who show up in the night for saying things like the above.

Borepatch said...

Um, I think you need a police chief and a Harvard pinhead.


doubletrouble said...


I resemble that remark!

I'll have you know, I once went to Harvard...but I kept going & ended up in Bolton (or was it Notlob?; can't remember, it's a palindrome).

Anonymous said...

Drinking beer shocked...NO
Drinking beer alone...Not susprised

Wishing I was there to tell crazy storys....yes pass me a beer please!

Your pal
Backwoods aka BW