Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get a Grip!

Last Christmas, my son gifted me with a Sig P238. I love the piece, but never liked the plastic grip panels with which it was issued. I thought the coolest thing for a mini-1911 would be wood double-diamond grips like the big guy. The closest thing I could find were Sig factory grips, but they were emblazoned with the Sig logo- no go.

Back in October, Og had a post about Altamont
Corp., a manufacturer (USA!) of handles for things. I checked out their price list, & found that their products were more reasonably priced than the competition. I dithered.

I happened to show the link to the Mrs., & she sprang into action. Since yesterday was the anniversary of my annual orbit, Mrs. DT saw fit to purchase new grips for my P238:

Very nicely made, as thin as the originals, & more grippy to boot.
Good goin' Homey, & thanks for the tip Og.

I'm gonna be flashin' my gat all over just to show off...


Borepatch said...

That's sweet. I ain't showing it to the Mrs., 'cause she'll want one.

Can't blame her - *I* want one.

Jay G said...

Boy, that sure looks nice...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful choice on the grips.
Definately sets it apart.