Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time Has Come Today

Mrs. DT & I went out to see a band last Friday night. We’re not big clubbers (anymore), but this band was of special interest- the leader of said band was also the lead guitarist in a legendary band from the sixties, “The Downtrodden Masses” (hey, stop laughing, it was the sixties!)

What made this band so legendary was the fact that I was the rhythm guitarist; that’s right rock fans, your humble host was a participant in the band that led the way in music development of the era.

What, you never heard of us? Well, maybe the memories are a bit distorted. Or maybe I lie like a rug. Whatever.

Here’s a pic of ¾ of the “DM” (bass player is AWOL):

That photo was taken at one of our college party gigs in 1968, at the rockin' age of 17 (I'm on the left, BTW)

Tomorrow I'll complete another turn around the Sun, & those days seem a tad distant now.


bluesun said...

Those are some classy glasses those guys are wearing!

Borepatch said...

Mrs. DT is a fine judge of Manflesh, according to Mrs. Borepatch. And I learned the same lesson you learned, but ten years later:

Chicks dig the guitar player.

Hope you had a groovy night, man. ;-)