Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going Native

A strange thing happens when we're without utility supplied amenities for a while- I go native. The longer the outage, the more I drift towards thinking about stuff to make life easier under the conditions presented. At some point, I'll be beating the wash down by the pond.

Last time, I started thinking about water delivery, & went out in the garage & made a portable gravity supplied water system for washing hands, rinsing dishes, & such. Good to have a bunch of 1/4" NPT hardware on hand.

This time, I couldn't use the toaster oven to make my English muffins for b'fast, so I used a CI skillet, like when camping. I needed a weight to hold down the bread whilst cooking (used a smaller skillet in years past- it's gone, somewhere), so after eating my "medium-rare" muffins, it's off to the garage.

Found the appropriate amout of steel, fashioned a handle out of oak, & you have the beauty presented here.

Looks like it was made by Chinese peasants while stuck in a prison camp in India with Pakistani advisers, but hey- it works!

Next time I'll work on something more extravagant, like candle holders made from broken tree branches.

The Garagineer never quits....


bluesun said...

Oo! You could go and buy one of those antique iron... um, irons that you heat up on the stove to press your clothes with, except use it on the bread.

Maybe you should only use on flat bread, though...

doubletrouble said...

You are correct, b'sun- you can buy these things for $12 or so, but that's not the point.
I can do it... here.


Borepatch said...

If you ever decide to make computers in your shop, I'll support them.


Jay G said...

And I'll sell them! :)

Old NFO said...

Nothing wrong with either the idea or the finished product! If it works, it ain't broke!