Friday, October 7, 2011

This Weekend (Updated)

Mrs. DT takes another "shot" at the patch:

Yep, Appleseed again.

Wish her a steady hand & good luck...


UPDATE: *sigh*... well there's always next time.
She shot in the high 190s, but that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee.

Interestingly, when the group moved back to 100 yards, she was putting 5 for 5 into the center bull (~5" diameter), after she got the trajectory doped.

She also said to thank the folks who rooted for her, here.


Borepatch said...

Fair winds and a steely gaze to Mrs. DT. Go get 'em!

TOTWTYTR said...

Good luck on the Appleseed. I'm sure she'll do fine.

Lissa said...

Hope she kicked ass!!

Old NFO said...

Hoping for zero wind and steady nerves :-)