Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Post Action Notes…

Sortin’ out the trash yesterday afternoon (we have to do that here), I was impressed with the sheer quantity of empty ammo boxes. Calibers with numbers from .22 to .45, & a shitton in between. Even with about half the total quantity somewhat crushed, they amounted to a 1/2 filled 33 gallon trash barrel!
Folks, that’s a lot of cardboard.

And the cool part? Much of what was fired was done so by someone other than those who brought it.

A side benefit/curse of hosting an event, are the leftovers.

I’ve got a lifetime supply of Gatorade.
Good supply of bottled water & soda.
Still eating the beef jerky (mmmm…)
Watermelon for breakfast, lunch & supper- good with the jerky for a balanced meal.

Peanuts- Peanuts- Peanuts!
I have enough brass to jumpstart the red metals economy were I to release it to the market.
I’m still munchin’ on Lissa’s cookies (mostly just crumbs now- 8^(.


GunGeek said...

Let me see if I got this right...

There were a bunch of people with guns.
There was plenty of ammo.
There were watermelons.

You still have watermelons to eat without having to pick little bits of lead and/or copper out of it first?

I'm confused.

doubletrouble said...

Well, we missed one...