Thursday, December 6, 2007


I’m sorry, I just can’t get into the holiday/Christmas spirit anymore. When I was young, of course, it was a magical time. As my son grew up, Christmas remained something to look forward to, as I could behold the holiday through the eyes of my child. Now it has become just another thing to make my Decembers less than jolly.

Vehicle inspections are due on the main ride truck & the old dump truck.

The user truck is not so bad, as it’s fairly newish, but this year in my pre-inspection inspection, I noticed that I’ve got a stuck (rusted) brake drum lever for the E-brake, so that’s got to get fixed before inspection (I never use it so I hadn’t noticed before). I need new tires (they’ll probably pass), & I have a plan there, but time’s sneakin’ away for that to happen before inspection. BTW- here in NH we have to make an appointment for inspection- can’t just drive up when you’re ready!

Most of my auxiliary equipment has been readied for wintah, but there’s a couple still needing attention; the standby generator is high on that list.

We’ve already had plowable snow, & the temp hasn’t reached freezing in over a week, so dealing with the resultant mess has slowed down necessary outdoor activities, like, maybe, fixing trucks & equipment.

My birthday is this month, & while it’s no big deal to me at this stage of the game, I still have to participate in the attendant ceremonial observation of the date.

Christmas shopping is still on the agenda, trying to buy stuff for folks who I love dearly but don’t need anything, & in some cases don’t WANT anything!
AND, if they do need/want something, they just go & buy it.


And yes, I would like some cheese with that whine…

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Jay G said...

When all else fails, ammo's a sure-fire hit for a present... :)

PS: Happy Birthday, whenever that may be!