Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Couple Things.

I had no idea how important the stupid computer is in my life. The beast went Tango Uniform on me, & I couldn’t DO anything. Pay bills, transfer money, monitor my checkbook & finances, & of course, email & blog… nope. Not gonna happen.

Thankfully, I have a friend who’s a severe geek, & he likes messing with the things. He came up Saturday, flooged around with it, put in a new power supply, did the magical incantations, & here I am again!

Thanks Steve.

One of my two readers made a comment:

"I've read your post several times now. I'm always tempted to comment.I don't believe you approve of vulgar language on your site, so I won't."

I guess hadn’t noticed it, but I don’t use my normal "speaking" voice when I write. Those that know me can attest that the "wordz what are comin’ out of my mouf" are often less than acceptable at a Sunday service. I suppose that the written word, being etched in cyberspace as it were, can be perceived as reflective of the writer’s education, background, & upbringing. That ‘taint necessarily so, but with the vast alternatives available in our language, there are usually better ways of expressing oneself than resorting to vulgarities.

I still remember the time I asked, at the supper table, what "fuck" meant.
That went over well.

SO, if you feel like using language that you are comfortable with, or desire to make a point, feel free to use whatever vernacular you see fit.

See if I give a fuckin’ rat’s ass.


Anonymous said...

That only applied to that one post ya stinker. The only comment I could have left about the idiots you wrote about wouldn't even be suited for a titty-bar, let alone your blog. I'm trying to recall what it was in Re. I think I even invented some new words.

Any more new 41's?

Anonymous said...

Aarrgg! I still don't remember what that post was!

doubletrouble said...


I thought you'd like that.

I haven't brought out all the other .41s due to the anguish it causes you.

Very considerate, ‘n all, y’know…

(I think the post was Grrr...?)

backwoods18235 said...

I want to join in. rrrrrrrr!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ya, that's the one.
That kind of crap just PO's me to death.

Come and gitcha some BW. Rrrrrr

41 envy