Sunday, December 9, 2007

Somethin’ from Nothin’…

or, the scraps are free.

The woman of the house takes pride in making good stuff to eat from practically nothing. Tonight, gray squirrel kabobs over rock lichen, stuffed w/mushrooms she found growing on the manure pile.

Well no, not really.

What she DID do, was to take some leftover chicken (on the bone), & stewed it into, well, stew, & formed that into a chicken pie. Homemade crust, top & bottom, & baked in the oven.
Beans from the garden on the side.

Oh yeah…

Gotta love that girl…


Anonymous said...

Peas and carrots along with it in the pie I presume.
Snap beans with bacon?

doubletrouble said...

Sorry to disappoint S, but no, just meat 'n gravy inside.
Veggies are for the side.

Always take my beans "neat" (but that bacon thing sounds purty good...)