Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Surf ‘n Turf?


Wings ’n Horns?


Mebbe Feathers & Hooves?

Anyway- we get critters around the bird feeder on a daily basis. They usually work shifts: squirrel brigade early, followed by blue jays & various other small birds, then deer, and later, the turkeys. Doves come in late in the day.

This is the first time I’ve seen the deer & the turks at the same time.

(click to bigificate)

Do they know the snow is on the way & are bulking up while they can, interspecies fraternization notwithstanding?


(& delicious)


Anonymous said...

If there is going to be another snow storm in your area your going to be kicking your self for shooting those deer with the wrong piece of equipment.


Home on the Range said...

That's not a common sight. The snow came, about a foot of it here. Hope you all fared well.


Anonymous said...

Makes it well worth the time to load the bird feeder. Nice shot, DT.


doubletrouble said...
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doubletrouble said...

Are you suggesting I should be shooting them w/my plow?

Only ended up w/about 7", but the ice @ the end had me nervous.
Thanks for stopping by...

Hey Skul-
Love seein' the critters out there- good to know suppa is available should I need it! Tnx.

Jay G said...

Mmmmmm. Free range dinner.


We get woodchuck, too. Wonder if them's good eatin's?

Paul, Dammit! said...

beautiful and delicious!