Thursday, November 8, 2007

The .30-30 Will Have to Wait...

until tomorrow, anyway.

I was gonna regale y’all with the short story of how I acquired my very nice 1950 vintage Winchester ’94, but life got in the way today.

We’re in the material acquisition stage of rebuilding the horse stalls in the barn, planned for this weekend, & running around getting wood (for building, not burning, THIS time) & the associated materials has plumb run me out of daylight. I need daylight to take a half-decent picture of anything (probably just because I’m a lousy photographer & don’t know how to use artificial light correctly).

Sure, I could tell the story, but what good would that be without a pic?

If tomorrow goes OK, I’ll have it posted then.


Anonymous said...

It's Friday now. Where's the photo?


doubletrouble said...

Sorry Skul, family issues today. I'll git 'er done as soon as possible!
(Whoa- responding to public outcry- this is GOOD!)

Anonymous said...

Heh, now it's Saturday. How about a run-down on its condition.