Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Conservative off the Deep End…

No, not the political kind, although I am one of those as well.

This is the "conservator of stuff" kind, or, save what you’ve got ‘till you REALLY need it.

In April (no bugs, no leaves) of each year, I begin my logging operation, with the prospect of felling, bucking, & splitting all the firewood we will need for the following year. I say following year because I keep two years’ usage on hand; i.e., this year I cut for winter of 2008/9. Logging is fairly dangerous sport, & I figger if I bust an arm or something while doing it, we won’t be screwed for the coming year.

So here we are when "the Whales of November Turn Gloomy", & the temps take a dive. When the c-o-o-l begins, I’ll start a fire in the living room stove just to keep off the chill. The cellar stove will lay dormant a while longer. Here’s where it gets nutty.

I love being out in the woods, so on a nice day like today, I’ll take a modified backpack frame I garagineered to hold wood, a strong bowsaw, & walk out in the woods TO GATHER FIREWOOD!

I’ll find a good place, cut standing dead hardwood to stove length, then pack 40 or so pounds of it back home for the fire.

Eight cord standing stacked & me packing in 40# of deadwood to keep warm.

CAPITAL "C", off the deep end…


Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is that if we happen to enter another ice age, which is highly improbable with this supposed global warming, you would be toasty warm for at least 1 year? Not bad...I thought saving three months salary for emergencies was conservative.

doubletrouble said...

Nope, TWO years JG!

Anonymous said...

Nice..and with all those string beans you harvested this year, you should have plenty to eat too.

doubletrouble said...

Yeah, & you left your delivery of beans at Monkey Boy's house!