Monday, December 31, 2007

SO, I cheated…

on testing out the dump truck/chain combination.

I’m lookin’ out @ 8" of wet schmutz this morning, & think- "Isn’t this what I have a snowblower for"? It is.

The blower is a 5-foot wide unit that fits to the back of my tractor on the 3-point hitch & is powered by the PTO (power take off). The heavy wet crap is where it has the advantage because that stuff is hard to plow without flinging the truck all over the place.

So- hitched up the blower & ran one pass up & one down to remove most of the snow. THEN used the dump & plow (NO traction problems!) to clean things up, & all was drivable again.

Now I get to do it all again tomorrow…

BTW, Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

It's not cheating. Just give it hell!

Happy New Years


Jay G said...

Happy New Year's, bud.

Here's hoping we can get together to fling lead sometime this year, 'K? :)

doubletrouble said...

Thanks for the pardon!
& Happy NY to you.

HNY to you as well.
I certainly hope the lead flingin' will happen THIS year.

Anonymous said...

Anon got it right. working smart and not hard, is not cheating....just smart.