Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Reflections

My friend Paul, his family, & I attended the Tea Party in Manchester NH yesterday afternoon. Lotsa signs & such, but what has hit me most is this: I’d like to have the folks that were present there as my neighbors.

Listening to talk radio over the last 24 hours, the re-occuring theme of callers seems to be the honesty, politeness, & HONOR of the attendees. No pushing, no rudeness; if accidental contact was made, there was the inevitable “excuse me” or “may I go through”? This is not normal to our contemporary society.

There I found people who not only held the United States Constitution in the highest regard, but also conducted their lives in a manner that I thought long extinct- living by the Golden Rule.

I don’t know what will come of this phenomenon that was the Tea Parties, but I detect a spark of Liberty that can be fanned into a new understanding of the principles of our Constitution & a reclamation of our government as one for the People, by the People.

I’ll try to do MY best…

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