Friday, October 5, 2007

4 July, 2001: It’s Alive!

I wheeled her out about 1000. Bore was spotless, paint was clean. I had calculated the amount of blackpowder that should be good in this size bore, & settled on 2 ounces of 1F, as I was unsure the pine wood carriage would take the larger calculated charge.

It was a proud moment, be sure of that.

I loaded the charge, followed by some damp rags for compression, rammed it home, & lit the fuse to fire.


Boy, that WAS loud.

Please excuse the noise, it’s the sound of Freedom!

AND, I didn’t ‘splode up.

Happy Independence Day to all.


Two months later, I had conflicting thoughts on action. It was 11 Sept., 2001- you know the day. Be quiet, be contemplative, grieve?


Take out the cannon, & commence furious fire. I fired over 3 pounds of 1F, 2 oz. per shot.

I am an American; you will not defeat me.

You sons-of-bitches will NEVER win if America survives, hell, even if only I & others like me remain.

God Bless the United States of America.

Thanks to you all who have followed this narrative.

1 comment:

Jay G said...

Got-DAMN but I can HEAR the defiance in your narrative, DT.

Wish I'd known you on 9/11.

I'd have helped you load the cannon.

I loaded lots of other guns that day.

Thanks for sharing the cannon's "birth" with us, BTW.