Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Drunken Debauchery

I was reminded of an anecdote last night, which I want to recount for y’all (you two readers, I mean).

In the late summer of 2004, my son, a mutual friend, & I went to Ireland. If you’ve never been, understand that the pub is the center of life- political, philosophical, & social. With that knowledge "on us" (as is said there), we frequented as many pubs as conceivably possible.

One night found us in a small pub in Cahir, "The Bell" it was. A finer bunch of folks will not likely come this way again, I’m thinking. Anyway, it had been a long day for our trio, especially for my son who was doing all the wrong side of the road driving. As we settled in to the warm confines of our little pub after our large evening repast, we enjoyed much good Guinness & Jameson’s whiskey.

‘Twasn’t long before my boy’s head hit the table, arm over the head, blissfully snoozing away to the sounds of Irish ditties being played by the house musician. We let him be.

Our bartender, Liam, having observed my boy head down, was a bit concerned. He stopped over to where I was standing, looked to the lad, and asked,

"Does he hurl?"

"No, but he’s pretty good at football".


Anonymous said...

Keep writing. More readers will come.

You've got a nice, comfortable, entertaining style of writing. Me likes...I'm gonna blogroll you.

Keep putting out good stuff and you'll start getting more readers.

I do have one important question:

Your profile says ex-biker...what's up with that?

I don't know whether to list you as a biker trash gunny or just a gunny.

A wise man once said:

"You don't quit riding because you got old, you get old because you quit riding."

Anonymous said...

Well 1st off I love the blog....you must need a job, cause drinking isn’t a box you can check off on your W2.

So Erie. I remember it tiz like it was yesterday. The only thing you forgot to add was how we wound up smoking in the pub which carries a 1000 Euro fine and how you were ringing the BELL at 2:30am, and then we got walked to the front door of the hotel by the bar tendor, and once that was all over I would up drinking at the hotel bar until 4am with High School kids at there formal dance LOL. Possible one of best/crazy nights ever followed up with a hang-over that would kill a white donkey, and believe me they can hold there liquor. Snarl!

doubletrouble said...

Hey guy!
Nah, I dint forget, I just wanted to relate the "hurling" part of the story.
The rest was good too!
It IS Erie...

backwoods18235 said...

No No you were right it is eire, I was digging though so old coins like 5 minutes ago and I found bunch of Euros from the trip. So now I am going to head back there in my mind by having a crappy "Americanized" Guniess and a fine cigar.......yummy beer.

Backwoods signing off.