Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Addition to the Vernacular: Garagineer

I’m officially coining a new word today.

For some time now, I’ve been using the term "garage engineer" both as a verb & a noun, to describe my (& others’ like me) tinkering, machining, welding, blacksmithing, & generally havin’ a good time making stuff from whatever.

This term is a natural for combination to "Garagineer"

v. The act of designing & manufacturing a contrivance to meet the needs of the owner.
ex. "I’m goin’ down to the shed to garagineer a Redneck Trap thrower"

n. A person with little or no formal training in engineering who still manages to successfully accomplish the design & manufacture of a contrivance.
ex. "That guy who made that Redneck Trap thrower is one heckava garagineer"

So there ‘tis- you heard it here first folks…

Any other garagineers out there?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to put myself in that category, but I think the "engineer" part would be a bit presumptuous of me.

I'd be more like a garage technician...someone else has to come up with the ideas, I just put 'em together and make 'em work.

Garagician? Garanition? Techarage?

Ok. I guess I'll have to stick with yours but I'd have to qualify it. I'd be an amateur garagineer at best.

doubletrouble said...

Nah Chief,

You're qualified.

If you recognize the need for something, & you believe it can be made from materials at hand, AND you DO it, you're a garagineer.

'Sides, Garagitechinarator is too long. 8^)

Jay G said...

Let me guess. You've already got a prototype of the beer can trebuchet half-built, don't you???