Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Angst of a Parent

The following is an email I received this morning from a friend where I used to work. She’s a Conservative, stuck deep in the heart of the PRM (People’s Republic of MA). While we worked together, she often shared her consternation with the MA school system & their PC bullshit that passes for education down there. On occasion, she has met with the "educators" at her son’s school to express her & her husband’s displeasure with the manner in which the young folks are being molded.

It kinda makes you sick in the gut, & it’s sad.

Hi there,

So Sept 11th came and went at Bill's school without even a whisper, nothing, not even a small moment of silence. OK, fine.

This and any other history lesson that shows kids that AMERICA takes names and kicks ass when messed with are always left out.

The letter I got at home last night from his school stated that Bill's class would be celebrating United Nations Day on October 24th. Followed by paragraphs about how great the UN is as it allows all of us to understand each other and if we could all take this example that the world would be so much more peaceful.......ARRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Then they tie in a note about needing info about your family tree so they could justify it as a history lesson.

Jerry thinks we should send in the story about the time his Uncle Skeeter shot one of his colored workers for stealing :) (Ed note: when Skeeter did his thing, the polite reference was "colored")

Think that would send the teacher through the roof?

Sadly, I think Billy will be very sick on the 24th :)

See Ya.....

What can ya say?

WTF is wrong with those "educators"? I read a poll in the paper on Sunday that indicated that 75+% of Americans disapprove of the UN & it's unregulated "mission".


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