Monday, October 15, 2007

Ford Shelby Cobra

As stated in these pages before, I’ve always been a bike guy vs. a car guy. There are notable exceptions, of course.

One of my dream cars was/is a Ford GT. When I was a kid & slot cars were the rage, mine was (naturally) a Ford GT body over a hot motor & magnesium frame.

The other car was the original Ford Shelby Cobra. I’ve probably seen a handful of those in my life (the REAL ones, not kit cars), so you might imagine my surprise to find TEN of them parked at a Brit car gathering in PA last Saturday.

Most all were original, a few were modified, but not to the point of losing their original identities.

They were all gorgeous, but then I saw this:

I didn’t think a guy my age could still GET a woodie that quick.


I’m altering my Christmas list this year…

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Jay G said...

Lose the pimpalicious rims and it's the new Bluesmobile...